Happy Tails

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***Other animals adopted thru our foster guardians 🙂 ***


*Butchie nka Scrappy enjoying his toy…we just love this little guy. Thank you so much! Mandy


*Petunia Pig- Doubling her size (and personality!) with proper nutrition and shelter in a little more than a week…now thriving on a horse ranch, as the ‘guardian’ to the chickens…It was an extremely fulfilling, yet humbling moment while watching her (for the first time in her life) enjoying the sun, as well as feeling the grass beneath her feet…not to mention the ‘big wide world’, she now calls her own :))* CK



*Wally- Hi Christine – I just wanted to let you know that Wally is a happy little guy. I think he likes living with us. Here’s a picture of Wally at bedtime. And he still loves his little turtle blanket. He loves to snuggle under it. Princess Buttercup (our other little one) is very jealous, even though she has her own blankets, and sometimes tries to snuggle the turtle blanket. But Wally goes ballistic and throws a snarly little fit until we give it back to him. It’s so funny – dogs know what’s theirs and Wally is so protective of his blanket. And Buttercup knows it’s his and that’s why she wants to get it. Wally is definitely a “Happy Tail”! Thanks for letting us adopt him! Beverly