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    (No person under 18 years of age may foster an animal)
    1. List your current pets?
    (species, sex (spayed or neutered), age)

    2. Do any of these pets have health issues - please explain.

    3. What are the maintenance preventions you use for your current pets?

    4. Name and phone number of your present veterinarian (or recent):

    5. Have your pet(s) had experience with other animals in the home? (cats with other
    cats, dogs with other dogs, etc)

    6. In which type of home do you reside?

    7. Do you own or rent your current home? Please provide name, address, and phone number of your property manager:

    8. Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, what is the material and height of the fencing?

    9. Will the animal ever be left outdoors unsupervised? Please explain:

    10.Do you own a dog crate/kennel/dog pen? Please explain:

    11. Is the household, as a whole, willing to participate in fostering a rescue animal?

    12. Are there children in this household? How many and what are their ages?

    13. Does anyone in the household have any known allergies to cats or dogs? If yes, are the allergies to cats, dogs or both?

    14. How many hours in a day will the foster animal stay alone?

    13. Does anyone in the household have any known allergies to cats or dogs? If yes, are the allergies to cats, dogs or both?

    15. How are you able to provide the animal with the necessary exercise it will need to thrive?

    16. If an animal needs special care such as administering medicine, giving medicated baths, etc., are you willing to provide it?

    17. If your foster animal becomes ill, are you willing to continue fostering that animal?

    18. Are you able to quarantine the animal for the mandatory 2 weeks from your other pets?

    19. Are you committed to fostering the animal until he/she has a successful adoption?

    20. Are you available to transport the animal to:

    a. an HSS specified veterinarian for routine exams-spay/neuter or illness?
    b. adoption events
    21. Please explain your experience (or education) with respect to the handling of dogs,
    specifically training (housetraining, leash walking, etc.) and behavioral issues such as
    separation anxiety, barking, aggression (defensive and offensive), digging, etc.

    22. Please select the type and number of animals you would prefer to foster at any one

    Dog #:

    Puppy #:

    Cat #:

    Kitten #:

    Litter #:

    Dog with litter #:

    Cat with litter #:

    Please note: if the litter is large, normally we separate the litter among fosters once
    weaned or if needed due to health reasons.
    Thank you for your patience in completing this application.

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