Cat Adoption

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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful rescue animals. Please complete the following information, which will help ensure the best match for you and your new pet. After completion, please return to a HSS volunteer for careful review and to answer any questions s/he may have for you regarding your application. Note – HSS has as its primary concern the well-being of our animals. We are seeking the best match between each pet and prospective adoptive family; the completion of this application does NOT guarantee approval of the adoption. In cases where several people are interested in the same pet, we will select the home that is best suited for the pet -regardless of the order in which the applications were received. Many variables are considered in this important decision and the final determination will be based on our best judgment and experience. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We thank you in advance for your cooperation, understanding, and patience during this process.

    Animal Information

    Name of the animal you are interested in adopting?

    Please select any of the following reasons for adopting this cat:
    Family petCompanion for another petCompanionMouserOutdoor or barn catOther (please explain)

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    Will the animal live at the address listed above? yesno

    Are you 18 years of age or older? yesno

    Are you employed? yesno
    If so, where?
    For How Long?
    Work Number:
    Do you or your spouse have jobs that require relocation? yesno
    If so, how often do you relocate?
    If you relocate, what will you do with your pets?
    How many hours a day will your pet spend alone?
    Do you live in: HouseCondoApartmentTownhouseMobile Home
    Do you: OwnRentLive with parentsLive with roomates
    If you live in an apartment complex: name of complex?
    Please provide the name of management:
    Number of management:
    Are you aware of the animal laws in the community? YesNo
    How many adults live in your household?
    Do they all want a cat? YesNo
    Who will be the primary caregiver of the cat?
    How many children?
    Do you or anyone in the family have allergies to cats? YesNo
    Will the cat live inside exclusively? YesNo
    Will it be de-clawed? YesNoAlready De-Clawed
    How many pets do you have now?
    Are they all spayed or neutered? YesNo
    Are they current on all their vaccinations? YesNo
    Names and types of current pets?
    Do you mind if we check with your veterinarian(s)?
    Please give veterinarian's name(s) or clinic(s) names along with phone number:

    Please give history of previously owned pets and what happened to them:

    How will your animal(s) be cared for when you leave town?
    Did any of your previous cats die of Panleukopenia, FIV, FeLv or an unknown disease in the past year? YesNo
    If so, where did these cats live? IndoorOutdoorBoth
    On the average, how much do you spend yearly on animal care (medical)?
    Have you ever adopted a pet from HSS or another humane society? YesNo
    Please explain:

    Have you ever turned an animal into a humane society, animal control (pound) or euthanized an animal? YesNo
    Are you aware that a pet is a lifelong commitment? YesNo
    It may take your new cat a month or longer to adjust to its new life at home. Are you allowed to prepare this much time? YesNo

    As a potential new pet owner, what behaviors are you not willing to tolerate from a cat?
    What will you do to correct the behaviors you have just listed?

    Young children should not be left unsupervised with any animal? YesNo
    Proper pet care includes planning and providing for your pet's needs. This includes making arrangements when you plan your family vacation, visiting the veterinarian if your pet acts unusual, scheduling an annual exam BEFORE the rabies vaccine expires, etc. YesNo

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